Donegan 2.75X-7D OptiVISOR Head-Borne Magnifier


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The Donegan 2.75x / 7D OptiVISOR Head-borne Magnifier enables those with low vision unrestricted efficiency while reducing user eye strain. The optical glass prismatic lenses provides 2.75x magnification at a 6 inch focal length for anyone whose profession or craft requires close accurate work, along with an adjustable genuine leather headband lined with orthopedic felt for comfortable, hands-free use. The lens also features an interchangeable frame, so you change your ideal magnification as needed.;The lightweight headband contains adjustable pivots conveniently tilting the visor up and out of sight while not in use, and at your fingertips when magnification is needed. The Donegan OptiVISOR can be worn over prescription or safety glasses, and is tough and durable enough to absorb high impact use, with a lasting new appearance look.


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