Visual Field Defined

The visual field refers to the space or range where objects can be seen while the eyes are focused on a central point. Visual field testing, or perimetry, serves as the main diagnostic tool to provide information to eye care doctors about a patient’s visual function, quality of vision and quality of life.

The Importance of Testing the Visual Field

Regular routine eye care testing by a certified eye care doctor is important for the health and overall vision of patients. Testing of the visual field by advanced technology can:

– Detect and prevent the early stages of eye disease

– Monitor the progression of glaucoma and multiple sclerosis in patients who are already diagnosed with the disease

– Allow patients who are diagnosed with a moderate or advanced disease to get treatment

Primary Eye Care Can Help with Your Visual Field Needs

At Primary Eye Care, taking care of you is our number one priority. Dr. David Blair and his team of eye care specialists are experts in visual field in the Burlington, Kentucky area. Whether you want to take proactive measures to prevent and detect eye disease or you have already been diagnosed with an eye disease such as glaucoma and want help with treatment and understanding of the disease, Primary Eye Care can help.

Different Types of Visual Field Instruments

Primary Eye Care offers state of the art visual field instruments, each with its own way of testing and measuring data. Taking care to prevent, detect, and treat eye diseases such as glaucoma is something Dr. Blair and his staff do on a routine basis with the assistance of their state-of-the-art technology.

Heidelberg Edge Perimeter®(HEP): the HEP tests central and peripheral vision and can be used to prevent an eye disease or treat an already existing eye disease.

Humphrey Field Analyzer® (HFA): the HFA analyzes visual fields and provides information that can project future vision loss and deterioration.

Humphrey Matrix®: the Humphrey Matrix quickly and easily detects early visual field loss and can reveal loss of sensitivity in the magnocellular pathways affected by disease.

Important Considerations Regarding High Risk Medications & Visual Field

If you are on medication, it is important to inform your eye doctor about the high risk medications you are taking as these may affect your visual field. Your doctor may want to test your visual field to make certain that these medications are not affecting your vision. Contact Primary Eye Care Center to make an appointment.