Undiagnosed Hyperopia Linked to Low Literacy Levels in Young Children

A recent study conducted in the U.S. highlights the need for young children to get an annual eye exam.  In this study, 492 children between the ages of 4-5 were asked to complete a standard literacy test. The results of this literacy test were then compared to the outcomes of early eye exams. Researchers found that children with undiagnosed hyperopia had significant problems with the print sections of the test that covered recognition of letters and numbers.  Researchers estimate that up to 14% of preschool age children suffer from undiagnosed hyperopia.

Prior studies have proven a link between farsightedness and reading ability in school-age children. This study is one of the first to show a link between early untreated hyperopia and reading ability.  One of the researchers, Dr. Kulp, believes that undiagnosed hyperopia in early life may lead to literacy problems later on in their school years.

Dr. David Blair is an expert in the treatment of both hyperopia, farsightedness, and myopia, nearsightedness. For myopia, he is an expert in the treatment with orthokeratology, as well as corrective lenses and contact lenses.  If you are concerned about the vision of your child, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Blair for a comprehensive eye exam

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