Pokemon Go Brings Awareness to Vision Care

Creating Vision Care Awareness with Pokemon

Dr. Blair is one of the most experienced Optometrists in the area, especially for the vision care of young patients.  He also is skilled in the treatment of Myopia, or nearsightedness, with Orthokeratology and is also one of the leading eye care providers of contact lenses in the Northern Kentucky area. When the Pokemon Go craze hit last month, appealing to Pokemon players was a natural fit for Dr. Blair and his practice, Primary Care Associates.

The Pokemon Go phenomenon has brought vision disorders to the forefront of the conversation for many young patients.  The excitement of the app may have actually helped many young patients realize that their vision problems may have been disrupting their lives.  Whether young Pokemon players are experiencing difficulty viewing objects in the distance as they walk with their friends, or if they have difficulty seeing their iPhone screen, the game may bring an awareness to a young patient that they need an eye exam.

Myopia is a Growing Problem in Young Patients

Also, Pokemon Go should help parents understand if their children are experiencing digital eye syndrome or dry eye. Finally, Pokemon Go may also help children get their necessary outdoor exercise rather than playing video games indoors all day.  There has been a recent connection to lack of outdoor activities and early onset of Myopia in children.

If your children are experiencing eye strain as a result of playing Pokemon Go or similar video games, or if your children have difficulty focusing on near or far objects, please give our office a call.  Pokemon Go has been a phenomenon for video games, and Myopia incidence has grown to epidemic levels as well. As your children begin school, please be aware of the impact of Myopia on their school work, and give Dr. Blair a call once you notice a problem.13782229_1049668381778348_6089959131982536089_n

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