Orthokeratology is a Great Option for Young Athletes with Myopia

baseball player

A recent article published in the UK highlighted the impact of Orthokeratology as a treatment option for young athletes.  The patient in this article was a 12 year old boy and sports enthusiast with progressive myopia.  As the article states, the boy needed increasingly stronger and stronger prescription lenses to address the progression of myopia.  Eventually, his eye doctor recommended Orthokeratology and he wore corneal reshaping lenses at night.
As this patient stated, this new therapy not only worked well to address his vision, but also allowed for him to maintain his very active lifestyle of playing multiple sports such as football and tennis, playing the double bass in a band, and staying active in school activities. Orthokeratology is a great option for a busy young athlete to address their vision problem without worrying about wearing corrective lenses on the playing field.
A publication in Eye and Contact Lens recently discussed the safety of orthokeratology for myopia control.  The ability for a patient to address their myopia disorder at night by wearing corneal reshaping lenses while they sleep, provides a great option for both patients and their parents.
Myopia has reached epidemic levels in modern society and many researchers are still not sure of the cause.  Many studies suggest that lack of time outdoors may contribute to the high rates of myopia in children.  Other studies suggest that too much time in front of digital devices may also play a contributing role in myopia progression in children.
If you have any questions about Orthokeratology and the treatment of myopia for your child, please give Primary Eye Care Associates a call and set up an appointment with Dr. David Blair.  Dr. Blair is one of the leading experts in the treatment of myopia with Orthokeratology in the Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati area.

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