Specialty Eyewear

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Primary Eye Care is dedicated to helping our patients in the Burlington, Kentucky area with all of their eye care needs. We understand that keeping your vision in focus is of utmost importance to our patients and for that reason, we offer a complete selection of specialty eye wear.

Our specialty eye glasses are designed to optimize your vision for nearly any scenario. Dr. Blair and his staff appreciate that everyone has unique vision needs and we go above and beyond to provide you with eye wear that fits your individual eye care requirements.

Primary Eye Care offers specialty eye wear such as Gunner for computer and gaming needs, Rec Specs for the sports fans in Boone County, and Mira flex for our littlest patients.

Whatever your needs, Dr. Blair and his staff can customize your eye wear to your unique need and answer any question you have. We are experts in fit and form and would like nothing more than to have you leave with a new pair of glasses as unique as you.